Welcome to K&K

We care for every pet like our own, that’s why we thought of everything to have you covered!
Our pet care boutique centers around creating an environment of trust, comfort and safety.
See our full service offerings that our dear furry customers already love!

professional pet grooming

Your pet is in good hands with our passionate team of professional groomers.
We thrive on using holistic products, exceptional pet hair style techniques for your unique breed or liking. We are masters of comfort and pampering,
so let your favorite get the best groom experience with us!

caring pet daycare

We specialize in pet daycare by taking care of your pet while you’re at work or need that special one on one care for your pet companion. We provide you with pet care for the hour or by the day.
We’re open 7 days a week.  An enjoyable safe, supervised atmosphere for your dog or cat is what we offer.

exclusive pet boarding

We know what it’s like to worry about your pets while away, even for a day.
We’ll treat your pet like a member of our family in our unique cage-less pet hotel spacious accommodations and provide them with a secure, quiet and relaxing snoozing snug quarters that feel like home away from home.

Here is why we're Brickell's #1 pet boutique!

We’re pet lover & we show it

At K&K, we’re focuses on making your animals happy.
Let your pet get the highest level of care from our professionals.

holistic hygienic products

We care to use the most holistic hygienic care products to cleanse, protect your pets’ coat, and pamper them. With no harsh perfumes or chemicals for your soft cuddly one.

organic pet food

We’re happy to offer the best food of premium quality, from the world-famous brands. With organic ingredients that will nourish your pet.

grooming done right

Speedy service, perfect styling techniques is what we’re known for! You can afford your pets’ stylish look that will make them look sophisticated and unique.

daily hour to hour care

Our professional pet care givers monitor your pet, with detail. We have a routing of walking, potty, special feeding, specified medication, and extra special care options for our fury guests.

24/7 pet care

We offer your pet safe, comfortable pet hotel boarding and services under 24/7 supervision in our cage-less facility. Comfort in every way is what we will provide.

Activities and fun

We thrive on plenty of exercise and fun for your loved pet. Wether it’s a gentle walk or a power walk, or play time with friends, we’re sure to facilitate daily activity.

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